World Water Day

With the theme “Nature for Water”, this year’s world water day shows how we can use the nature to overcome the water challenges of the 21st century.

The campaign highlights that we can overcome the water crisis by integrating nature with the city, performing actions such as forest conservation, reforestation, reconnection of rivers, rainwater harvesting, among others.

Zeppini Ecoflex encourages sustainable actions and the use of environmental protection solutions in Petrol Stations to reduce the environment pollution and to avoid the contamination of the hydric resources available.

The company emphasizes that the Petrol Stations have the responsibility of avoid the soil contamination and, consequently, of water applying environmental protection equipment, such as Containment Systems, Storage Tanks with double protection and Oil and Water Separator System.

Fuel leakage or improper disposal of oily effluents can cause major environmental impacts, contaminating soil, vegetation and water.

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Zeppini Ecoflex Oil and Water Separator System

The Zeppini Ecoflex Oil and Water Separator System is the most effective solution of the market to perform the oily effluent treatment, and continues to surprise and reach new achievements.

The equipment became popular globally and at the beginning of this year exceeded the mark of 20 thousand units sold, serving countries in all the regions of the world.

The system is comprised by modules that ensures proper water quality prior to its disposal. In addition, the consumer counts with benefits such as easy installation, maintenance, and longer lifetime being manufactured in plastic materials.

The Zeppini Ecoflex solution treats water flows from 1.000 liters up to 12.000 liters per hour and attends important international standards and requirements where the system is commercialized.

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