Zeppini Ecoflex Review

Once again the Zeppini Ecoflex presented solutions that were highlight during the 3 days of UnitiExpo 2018.

Brazilian Presence:

The first highlight is the presence as the only Brazilian company among the great global players in the industry.

With a booth of more than 80m², Zeppini Ecoflex occupied a space in the main halls of the event to present its solutions.

Important News:
The company’s most recent launches also made its first appearance at the event. Among them, it is possible to highlight the Fuel Flex ONE Piping System, which was pre-launched in the last edition of the event in 2016.

Check the article with details about the presentation of this system at:

Space for the most traditional range:
There were also visitors interested in the more traditional Zeppini Ecoflex lines of equipment.

Containment System, Oil and Water Separator System, Dispenser Accessories, among other items of the company full range were also requested by visitors and will probably arrive to some new countries soon.

Zeppini Ecoflex thanks again everyone who visited its team during this important event, and invites everyone to follow on social media the details about its participation in another big event, the PEI at the Nacs Show:

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Zeppini Ecoflex Thanks

Zeppini Ecoflex has been once again presenting its solutions at the great international event UnitiExpo, held in Germany.

We want to thank each of the professionals, who dedicated their time and attention to talk to our team and know our news.

Next week, we will publish a full article with all the details and biggest highlights of our participation.

And keep following our social networks. Soon we will publish the first information about our participation in the PEI at the Nacs Show 2018.

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Zeppini Ecoflex Piping System

The Zeppini Ecoflex HDPE Piping System – Fuel Flex ONE is once again a success during the UnitiExpo 2018. The equipment line was pre-launched during the last edition in 2016 and now is already one of the most consulted solutions at the event.

The success occurs, because, the Pipes of the company were developed with the most recent technologies in the world and certified according to the strict international standard EN.

Among the several tests that the equipment is submitted to obtain the certification, one of the most rigorous is the permeability test, in which it is necessary to ensure 0,0% of permeability of fuel in the equipment wall.

In addition to the HDPE Pipes, the company also presented the other items of its piping line that includes Transition Fittings, which are the only in the market produced in stainless steel, and the Electrofusion Machine, necessary to install the system properly.

Visit the Zeppini Ecoflex website and check more details about the Fuel Flex ONE Piping System: www.zeppini.com.br/site/en/categoria/5/tubos-e-conexoes

Zeppini Ecoflex tips

On May 15, 16 and 17, Zeppini Ecoflex will be in Stuttgart in Germany to participate again of the UnitiExpo event.

Our team prepared some tips for you that want to visit the event, so you can enjoy the a little the city of Stuttgart and make the most of your visit at UnitiExpo.

In the city of Stuttgart:
A great option for those who want to get to know Stuttgart is to visit the castle square. The square houses the luxurious Neues Schloos (New Palace) castle, one of the city’s postcards, built between 1746 and 1807.

In addition to the famous castle, the region also has many good restaurants, shopping centers, museums and old architecture, making it an excellent option for those who want to enjoy the landscape, go hiking and take pictures.

With luck, the visitor will also be able to see one of the many cultural events held there throughout the year.

In the UnitiExpo event:
The event is only in its third edition, but has presented significant growth numbers. This year the exhibition area will increase by 20%, covering 40.000m².

Therefore, it is important that visitors program in advance the companies that they want to visit and confirm their location in the event directory.

The Petrol Stations equipment companies will be located in the Hall 5C. Do not forget to schedule your visit to the Zeppini Ecoflex booth number 50 to know all our news.