13062019 - Zeppini Ecoflex confirma participação_ingles

Zeppini Ecoflex will once again be present at the largest trade show for Petrol Stations in Brazil and Latin America, ExpoPostos & Conveniência, which will take place on August 13, 14 and 15 at the São Paulo Expo.

In the event are presented important news of the segment for professionals coming from several Brazilian states and some visitors from other South American countries.

In the last edition, held in 2017, there were more than 140 exhibiting companies (34% increase from 2015), 21.600 qualified visitors (26% increase from 2015) and 676 forum participants (20% increase from 2015).

The expectations remain high for the 2019 edition, the event expects to receive more than 170 exhibiting brands (21% growth), and more than 21.000 qualified visitors.

In the coming weeks Zeppini Ecoflex will release the first information and more details about the ExpoPostos.

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05062019 - Dia Mundial do Meio Ambiente_inglês

On June 5th, is being celebrated the World Environment Day, that in 2019 will have China as the host country, and with the main theme “Defeating air pollution”.

The UN (United Nations) has brought important information about the subject, for example, that approximately 7 million people in the world die prematurely every year due to air pollution, with about 4 million of those deaths occurring in Asia.

Another serious problem is that nine out of ten people worldwide are exposed to levels of air pollutants that exceeds those considered safe by the World Health Organization.

In addition to affecting human health, several other problems are linked to the excess of pollutants, such as global warming.

In order to combat this pollution, some actions can be taken, such as: turning off lights that are not being used, checking energy efficiency ratings on appliances, not burning garbage, among others.

For those interested in more information, the event’s official website provides details, guides, and many files with data, campaign details and how to contribute to the cause.

Visit: https://www.worldenvironmentday.global