The AdBlue / DEF (Automotive Nitrogen Oxide Liquid Reducing Agent) is a fluid that reduces up to 98% of the nitrogen oxide emissions from the diesel burning.

The supply of the fluid is growing in Petrol Stations around the world, and to attend the demand Zeppini Ecoflex has the Aboveground AdBlue / DEF Storage Tank, a solution that allows to store the fluid properly.

One of the benefits of the Tank offered by Zeppini Ecoflex is that it is already developed in dimensions to be installed practically in the dispensing island.

Another important benefit is that the Tank helps to maintain the proper temperature of the fluid, preserving its quality for use.

The product is composed by an inner polypropylene wall and an external carbon steel wall. This equipment is available with storage capacity of 3.000 to 5.000 liters and has an analog or digital level indicator.

Learn the other benefits from the Aboveground AdBlue / DEF Storage Tank on our website: http://www.zeppini.com.br/site/en/produto/84/tanque-para-armazenamento-aereo-de-arla-32
And if you need more details, please contact the Zeppini Ecoflex team.

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