Today, March 22nd is celebrated the World Water Day. The date established by the UN General Assembly on February 21, 1993, has annual themes that are chosen to commemorate this day and raise awareness about the global importance of conscious consumption of the resource.

To celebrate the 20th year of the World Water Day, the chosen theme was “Water Cooperation” in which aims to raise awareness about the importance, benefits and challenges of water cooperation, as increased knowledge, development capacity and innovative ideas, by making the water cooperation a priority in 2013.

Several events worldwide have been conducted this month to present the goals of this year’s theme. An example is the Walk for Water, which began in the Netherlands and is now held in 11 countries. In it, children 10 to 15 years walk six kilometers (3.7 miles) carrying six liters of water in the backpack with the goal of representing children of some developing countries that walk that distance to access clear water.

Important facts:
Water covers 70% of Earth’s surface; 97% being salt water. Only 0.01% of the fresh water is available for use, because the remaining 2% of freshwater is in glaciers, icebergs and deep underground, which makes the consumable water scarce.

Brazil has 12% of world reserves of clear water, the world’s largest river – the Amazon, and the largest groundwater reservoir – the Guarani Aquifer, however, 58% of Brazilian counties do not have distribution system and water treatment.

The daily average consumption of a household is 200 liters per person, with a relevant amount of this water being used for activities that do not require the consumption of fresh water, such as flushing toilets and washing floors. This consumption is considered high by the UN, which indicates the need for awareness and use of alternative sources.

Global consumption of water is doubling every 20 years, and water availability per capita on the planet has been reduced by 60% in the last 50 years. Unfortunately, 40% of the world population is already facing scarcity of this resource and 25% of the population has no access to clear water, including developed countries.


Zeppini Ecoflex launches another communication media on a popular social network, now with the content in English for the international public

Zeppini Ecoflex has just launched a new communication channel that will update news about the company, product launches, event participations, and news to its worldwide customers and partners. From now on, the company present in more than 70 countries will offer unique content in English to its consumers and international partners through a new Facebook page.

This is another Zeppini Ecoflex initiative, in which has used social networks to communicate since 2006, when it launched the blog and the video channel on YouTube, to publish news about the brand and the Petrol Stations Industry.

Today, Zeppini Ecoflex has a Blog, a Facebook page, a Twitter profile, a YouTube channel, that information are published in Portuguese, and an album of pictures on Flickr. The international public can also stay updated with the Blog in English (, the YouTube in English ( and Spanish ( , and now the new Facebook page in English (

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The world’s largest magazine of Petrol Stations industry highlighted Zeppini Ecoflex participation at Automechanika 2012

In the first issue of the year of PetrolWorld, the largest magazine of Petrol Stations industry in the world, Zeppini Ecoflex was one of the companies highlighted in the retrospective article of Automechanika 2012, which reported the news of the most respected companies attending the event.

Zeppini Ecoflex was mentioned as a global company, present in more than 80 countries, and as the only one in the market with over 25 years of proven experience working with biofuels. The article also commented about the great interest of visitors from around the world in visiting Zeppini Ecoflex stand to check the full range of solutions for Petrol Stations that were on display.

The company presents a new domain that aligns its online plataform to its sustainability concepts

Zeppini Ecoflex an environmental protection equipment leader for Petrol Stations has a new internet domain. The company, wich offers products that protect the environment and equipments that allow a conscious consumption of water and energy, created a new domain to align its online plataform to its sustainable solutions and practices.

The domain will keep available, allowing visitors to acess the Zeppini Ecoflex site through both addresses.


Zeppini Ecoflex water and oil separator was cover photo and main article in Petroleum Insight magazine

The Oil-Less, Zeppini Ecoflex water and oil separator, was Kenya magazine “Petroleum Insight” cover in the end of 2012. Besides the cover photo, the magazine printed an article with relevant information about the equipment.

The article highlighted the materials and manufacture quality that ensures no cracks or leaks to the equipment and allows the system to provide greater security to the environment. The magazine also detailed the process efficiency, quality of the results after the water treatment, and the practicality of use, which allows an easy maintenance of the equipment components.

The Oil-Less system has already became popular with over 12,000 systems sold worldwide, and it has being commercialized in more than 80 countries of Africa, Asia, Latin America, and Europe where Zeppini Ecoflex is present.

After the successful launch in Brazil, the company presents to the international public the product line that will prepare the facility for all blends fuels

Zeppini Ecoflex started to commercialize worldwide in the end of 2012 its full line of stainless steel products to its international public, launched at ExPostos e Conveniência. These products, which meet all the current standards, ensure that the Petrol Stations are fully prepared to work with a variety of biofuels, such as ethanol, diesel, biodiesel, DEF (Diesel Exaust Fluid)/Ad Blue, among others.

The new stainless steel line includes: Line Filter, Transition Fittings, Fill Cap, Flexible Connectors, and Check Valve. These equipment are the most suitable and recommended for use with biofuels, ensuring the fuel transport from the discharge, through piping, to the output for supplying the vehicle.

These products investment is very important because the biofuels are gaining popularity quickly, and it is necessary to have the facilities ready to receive them safely while avoiding the need for major works to exchange equipment. Using the stainless steel products, the installations will have increased security and durability, for ensuring their integrity and the quality of the fuels sold.

This full line is already available throughout the network of representation and distribution in more than 80 countries where Zeppini Ecoflex is present.

After 2012, a year of hard work and excellent results, Zeppini Ecoflex prepares more news for 2013.

During 2012, Ecoflex Zeppini introduced several news and launched new products for installation on Petrol Stations like the stainless steel line of products. For 2013, the company will follow the trend of recent years and present releases throughout the year.

Zeppini Ecoflex will also present news on its social networks. After launching new concepts related to Petrol Stations industry in 2012, the company is getting ready for launching new social networking channels, which will be updated during 2013 with the main news of the company and market in general for the worldwide followers.

Referring to events, the company has already confirmed presence in two of the biggest events of Petrol Stations industry, which will happen in the second half of the year, the ExpoPostos e Conveniência 2013 e PEI 2013.

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We wish you a great year …
… Zeppini Ecoflex.

Zeppini Ecoflex presented big news at the important international events, Automechanika 2012 and PEI 2012


Zeppini Ecoflex was present at Automechanika 2012 in Frankfurt between September 11th and 16th, and PEI 2012 held in Las Vegas between October 07th and 10th. At these events, important visitors were able to personally see some company news and also the traditional solutions.

Check out some highlights from the event:


In the company traditional line of equipment, the products that attracted attention were the new equipment made of stainless steel, which includes Line Filter, Transition Fittings, Fill Cap, Flexible Connectors, and Check Valve.


This product line, launched during ExpoPostos 2012, was presented to the international public for the first time and attracted much attention, because it is recommended for installations where equipment are used for different biofuels.

Visitors could also check out the recently launched product, the Pluvi system. Partners sought to know about the equipment technology that performs the treatment of rainwater and to understand how it provides adequate rainwater quality for use, offering reduction in water use and quick investment return.

New communication channel:

During Automechanika and PEI, Zeppini Ecoflex presented for its visitors more great news about its communication project.


A Facebook page, with entirely English content, developed exclusively for the company international public. Through this new page, public from all the world can update themselves on the latest news, product launches, event participation, among others Zeppini Ecoflex information.


Important visitors, from Latin America, Asia and Africa, were at Zeppini Ecoflex stand during the two events. Also major utility companies, partners, owners of gas stations, and other professionals in the segment participated with Zeppini Ecoflex.

The most important international communication vehicles of the industry also went to the company’s stand to know the latest news, and they shall announce in their magazines and websites in the coming months the main news about Zeppini Ecoflex.

Thank you again for visiting our stands at Automechanika 2012 and PEI 2012.

On October 10th, Zeppini Ecoflex ended its participation at PEI 2012.

During the four-day event, we presented traditional solutions and some news, and reviewed important partners, at the biggest international event in the world of the Petrol Stations industry.

Zeppini Ecoflex thanks everyone who visited our booth at PEI in Las Vegas; it was a pleasure to welcome you at our booth and present our solutions.

See you at PEI 2013, in Atlanta!
… Zeppini Ecoflex Team.

With only five days to the PEI event, Zeppini Ecoflex is already organizing its participation at the last event of 2012, and as at Automechanika 2012, the company has some news for the international public.

PEI 2012, which happens between October 7th and 10th, is considered the world’s largest event Petrol Stations and Convenience Stores industry. Besides the exhibition area, the event will also offer workshops on various topics, for example: the current economic scenario for the Petrol Stations industry, prospects for the future of petrol Stations, and others several sessions on biofuels and infrastructure needed to receive them.

Zeppini Ecoflex avails of this event to present to professionals, partners and consumers some news about its communication channels and product line.

Visit Zeppini Ecoflex booth at PEI 2012.
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