Precaution with the use of B10

In March, a new Brazilian resolution came to effect, the CNPE 23/2017, which approved the addition of 10% of Biodiesel to the Diesel sold to final consumers, one of the actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the country.

With this change, the Petrol Station will have pay attention to some important details, as this new version of Biodiesel can absorb air moisture, which facilitates the formation of residues and the water accumulation in the fuel, especially in regions with lower temperatures or with higher humidity.

To reduce such effects, it is important to clean the Storage Tank prior to the first discharge of the B10 and thereafter every two years, in addition to draining the water and particles weekly, using a drainage pump.

Diesel Filters also need special attention because the conventional filtering elements of the equipment do not retain water. The solution can be the exchange the element for a coalesce model, in this case the life expectancy of the element will be reduced because it will be retaining water and particles.

Another alternative is to integrate a unit with the coalesce filter to the regular particle filter, the first will retain solid elements while the second filter will retain water.

With this change, the tendency is that the Diesel Filters to be produced with a particle filtering unit and coalesce unit.

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Zeppini Ecoflex confirms participation in UnitiExpo

Zeppini Ecoflex, one of the leaders in environmental protection equipment for Petrol Stations, has confirmed its participation in the UnitiExpo, which will be held between the March 15 and 17, in Stuttgart, Germany.

An important event of the Petrol Station, Car Wash and Convenience Stores industry, UnitiExpo presents the main trends and news for professionals from more than 110 countries.

For this edition, Zeppini Ecoflex will present important solutions for Petrol Stations, such as the Piping System Fuel Flex ONE, which counts with certification EN, the Vapor Recovery – Keeper, in addition to several other items of company’s environmental protection range.

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World Water Day

With the theme “Nature for Water”, this year’s world water day shows how we can use the nature to overcome the water challenges of the 21st century.

The campaign highlights that we can overcome the water crisis by integrating nature with the city, performing actions such as forest conservation, reforestation, reconnection of rivers, rainwater harvesting, among others.

Zeppini Ecoflex encourages sustainable actions and the use of environmental protection solutions in Petrol Stations to reduce the environment pollution and to avoid the contamination of the hydric resources available.

The company emphasizes that the Petrol Stations have the responsibility of avoid the soil contamination and, consequently, of water applying environmental protection equipment, such as Containment Systems, Storage Tanks with double protection and Oil and Water Separator System.

Fuel leakage or improper disposal of oily effluents can cause major environmental impacts, contaminating soil, vegetation and water.

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Zeppini Ecoflex Oil and Water Separator System

The Zeppini Ecoflex Oil and Water Separator System is the most effective solution of the market to perform the oily effluent treatment, and continues to surprise and reach new achievements.

The equipment became popular globally and at the beginning of this year exceeded the mark of 20 thousand units sold, serving countries in all the regions of the world.

The system is comprised by modules that ensures proper water quality prior to its disposal. In addition, the consumer counts with benefits such as easy installation, maintenance, and longer lifetime being manufactured in plastic materials.

The Zeppini Ecoflex solution treats water flows from 1.000 liters up to 12.000 liters per hour and attends important international standards and requirements where the system is commercialized.

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Zeppini Ecoflex Hose Holder

Zeppini Ecoflex is completing even more its line of Dispenser Accessories, with the launch of the Hose Holder model Hook.

The equipment is produced in nylon with fiber, high quality material that prevents it from bend, knead or rust, and in black color so there is no contrast with other accessories of the dispenser.

The Hook Holder counts with characteristics that help to extend the lifetime of the Dispenser Hose, being easily regulated to ensure that it will not be in contact with the ground, in addition to count with rounded edges ensuring that no cuts are made to the Hose body.

This is another item of complete range of dispenser accessories line, which counts with Automatic Nozzle, Swivel, Dispenser Hose, Fuel View Device and other models of Hose Holders.

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Above Ground AdBlue Storage Tank - Zeppini Ecoflex

Zeppini Ecoflex, a company that offers a full range of equipment for Petrol Station, presents in this month a new Above Ground AdBlue / DEF Storage Tank.

The equipment is a compact solution, which can be installed on the Petrol Station island without the need to perform masonry work, which considerably reduces the cost for its implementation.

The Zeppini Ecoflex Tank is comprised by an inner wall in polypropylene, proper material to storage AdBlue / DEF, and an external wall made of carbon steel, which ensures mechanical protection and helps to maintain the ideal temperature to avoid the degradation of the fluid.

The new solution is available with storage capacities of 3.000 and 5.000 liters, with analog and digital level indicator, to facilitate the product monitoring.

To perform the fueling process, the equipment has an electric pump that is fixed in a holder on the lateral of the equipment, or with a pump to be installed in a dispenser for AdBlue / DEF.

Contact the Zeppini Ecoflex team and check out more details about the new AdBlue / DEF Storage Tank and special conditions during the launch:

Zeppini Ecoflex Perspectives

The Brazilian company Zeppini Ecoflex started 2018 with great expectations for the market of equipment for Petrol Station.

Zeppini Ecoflex expects that the economy recovery in its country of origin will generate new opportunities and allow the company consolidate even more in the Brazilian market. The expectations are the same for the global market, where the company has aggressive growth objectives.

The positive expectations of the increase of opportunities for Zeppini Ecoflex are due to the strong investment that the company has made in the expansion of its portfolio. Only in 2017 it were six new products with highlight for Underground Storage Tanks, Vapor Recovery System, L.E.D. Lighting, Diesel Filters, and the update of its famous Piping System, which is now according to the strict European standard EN.

To support to the expansion plan, the company will participate of the main national and international events of Petrol Station industry, such as the PEI at the Nacs Show and UnitiExpo.

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Zeppini Ecoflex Review

This year, Zeppini Ecoflex presented several news and consolidated itself even further in the development of environmental protection solutions for Petrol Stations.

In the first half of the year, the company presented the new version of the L.E.D. Lighting, which provides economy and better illumination of the Petrol Station, as well as the Fuel Flex ONE Pipes in HDPE, which guarantee a permeability of 0.0% in the fuel conduction.

Then, Zeppini Ecoflex launched solutions to guarantee more quality to the Diesel offered at the Petrol Station, the Rocket, Pro and Super Diesel Filters.

The company’s investments were not finished yet. In the second half of the year, the company also presented to the market the new Vapor Recovery System – Keeper, which reduces the emission of vapors in the atmosphere and guarantees a fast return on investment.

Throughout the year, Zeppini Ecoflex presented these launches at several regional, national and international events. Among them, the main events ExpoPostos and the PEI at the Nacs Show.

Zeppini Ecoflex also invested in trainings about the main installation, operation and maintenance techniques for its equipment. In total, the company trained over 2.000 professionals in the segment.

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Zeppini Ecoflex Ecological Station

With over 70 explanatory videos, the Zeppini Ecoflex channel highlights technologies that prioritize the environmental protection and guarantee high savings potential for Service Stations, through the rational consumption of some resources.

One of the ways of saving highlighted in the channel is the reduction of the water consumption provided by the public network. For this, equipment such as the Pluvi System can be used to do the rainwater harvesting and the Ampere System to reuse water from the car wash.

The combination of the solutions allows the water that will be reused to be in proper conditions, in addition to providing economy that can reach up to 80% of the consumption.

Another possibility for relevant savings for the Petrol Station is in lighting. In this case, the indication is the use of a very popular equipment with technology used in many different regions of the world, the LED Lighting.

The LED Lighting can provides reduction of up to 70% in the costs with illumination, in addition to reduce significantly the need of lamps replacement.

If you want to know other ways to save or protect the environment in the activities of you Petrol Station, visit the Zeppini Ecoflex channel on YouTube: