After the success at ExpoPostos 2012, Zeppini Ecoflex gets ready for one of the biggest international events of Petrol Stations industry

After the success at Postos e Conveniência 2012, Zeppini Ecoflex is already organizing the final details for its participation at the two major international events of Petrol Stations market, Automechanika and PEI, which occur in the next two months.

The first event starts next week in Germany, where, between September 11th and 16th, Zeppini Ecoflex participates again at Automechanika, an biennial event that brings together the most important news of Petrol Stations and Automotive market.

Stay tuned! Our team embarks for Automechanika 2012 this week, and as in the previous years, information about the event will be available on our social networks.

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Zeppini Ecoflex gets ready for the ExpoPostos e Conveniência 2012 that will be held at Riocentro this year.

Zeppini Ecoflex prepares for the tenth edition of ExpoPostos, biggest event of Petrol Stations and Convenience Stores market in Latin America, that begins in two weeks at the Riocentro Convention Center.

 Riocentro was estabilished in 1977 at Barra da Tijuca in Rio de Janeiro, and since then has held Brazilian economic, politic, and cultural events. It has an infrastructure of 571.000m², where are a located five exhibition halls.

 The convention center was selected in June by the World Travel Award as the best exhibition center of the United Nations (UN); consequently, it has been considered the best convention center in Latin America. The space has hosted the Rio +20 convention, and will be the Media Center of 2014 World Cup and also will host the Tenth Edition of ExpoPostos e Conveniência.

 ExpoPostos will be held in the hall 4, the second largest hall of Riocentro, which has a total area of 23.007m².

For the trade show Zeppini Ecoflex reserved a space of 220m², where it will present it’s most traditional solutions, and also some big releases that will be available to the
market until the end of this year.

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Just one month left to the commemorative edition of 10 years of ExpoPostos e Conveniência 2012, Zeppini Ecoflex gets ready for its participation at the trade show.

Only one month to the tenth edition of Postos e Conveniência 2012, the International Exhibition and Forum of Equipments, Convenience Stores, and Food Service for petrol stations, Zeppini Ecoflex is already preparing for its participation at the fair.

This year, Postos e Conveniência, the biggest event of Petrol Stations and convenience stores market in Latin América, will take place at Riocentro, in the city of Rio de Janeiro, between August 21st and 23rd.

The trade show will feature over 170 companies showing their solutions to the public, including Zeppini Ecoflex that will present its traditional solutions and some news to the market.

During the three days fair, it will also be held an International Forum, where professionals, leaders, executives and experts will discuss general topics related to the petrol station market.

In the 2011 edition of Postos e Conveniência, Zeppini Ecoflex was one of the highlights, presenting its traditional full range of products and some news, as the Pluvi Home system, equipment that allows the rainwater harvesting with the proper treatment for use.

At the 2011 Zeppini Ecoflex also lauch a new communication channel for the market. A Facebook profile, that was “liked” for over 60 visitors during the launch at the 3 days of event.

Visit Zeppini Ecoflex Booth at ExpoPostos 2012, our team is eager to welcome you and show our company solutions and news.

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Zeppini Ecoflex confirms its participation at the biggest events of petrol stations industry around the world, taking place in the second half of the year: ExpoPostos & Conveniência 2012, PEI at the NACS Show 2012, and Automechanika 2012.

Latin America’s leading company in the petrol station equipments industry will take its full range of products and some news to present to approximately 200 thousand professionals. At these trade shows, visitors will be able to check the company’s traditional solutions and also the some new products that will be available for sale this year in over 70 countries where Zeppini Ecoflex is present.

The first trade show that Zeppini Ecoflex will be participating is the ExpoPostos & Conveniência, one of the most important events of the segment, occuring in Rio de Janeiro between August 21st and 23rd.

Then, the company’s team will take its solutions to the city of Frankfurt between September 11th and 16th for the Automechanika; where exhibitors are distributed in 11 pavillions, in a total area of 578,000m2, presenting new products to the petrol station, carwash, automotive
and auto parts markets.

For the last event in 2012, the Brazilian company will travel from October 7th to 10th to Las Vegas in the United States for the PEI at the Nacs Show 2012, an event for convenience stores and fuel retailers.

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For those who will not be able to attend the exhibitions, you can follow Zeppini Ecoflex at it’s social media channels, where you can check in first hand all Zeppini Ecoflex news and what is happening directly from the trade show grounds.

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Nacs (National Association of Convenience Stores) and PEI (Petroleum Equipment Institute) announced in its communication channels that the future of biofuels may be in Brazil.

The video talks about the use of ethanol produced from sugar cane, one of the most successful alternative fuel só far. The report also states that Brazil is currently the world’s leading economy when it comes to biofuels.

The big highlight is the Brazilian infrastructure, both in the equipments used in the petrol stations, such as Zeppini Ecoflex, which are ready to handle more aggressive biofuels, as Ethanol E100, Biodiesel, and others, and as well the Flex cars, that are ready to receive Gasoline and also this biofuels like Ethanol E100.

Check out the Nacs video:


During the Automechanika 2010, the Zeppini Ecoflex® stand has been visited by important people who work on the petrol station market.Distristributors from different parts of the world, the most part from Europe and Asia, had the opportunity to know the company’s releases and find again the Zeppini Ecoflex® team.

Professionals of the largest and most important petrol station portals and magazines also visited the company, as PetrolPlaza portal and PetrolWorld portal and magazine.

Pictures of Zeppini Ecoflex® booth:


In September 14th begins the Automechanika 2010, Zeppini Ecoflex® will once again be an exhibitor in one of the most important events of the petrol station market.

The Zeppini Ecoflex team® is ready to receive visitors from the whole world, and present it’s full line of producs and new solutions during the six day event.

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The company presents the traditional full range of products and important releases for the petrol station market.

Between september 14th and 19th, in Germany, Zeppini Ecoflex will participate in one of the biggest events of the petrol station market; the Automechanika 2010, that will be held in Frankfurt.

Zeppini Ecoflex

This is the first time that the company will show its solutions in an international event after the the joint venture agreement that created the new brand Zeppini Ecoflex, A leader developer and manufacturer of Petrol Station equipments in Latin America, with presence in over 70 countries worldwide.

On its stands, Zeppini Ecoflex will show the unified line of environmental protection equipments for petrol stations, which includes: Piping, Fittings, Tank Sump, Dispenser Sump, Spill Containment, Composite Manholes, Entry Boots, Fill Cap, Flexible Connectors, Oil & Water Separation System, Overfill Prevent Valves, Pressure and Vacuum Vent Valve, Hose holders, Shut-Off Valves, and others. with certifications to attend different markets around the world.

Zeppini is the only manufacturer in the world with 25 years proven experience on handling Biofuels, as Biodiesel and Ethanol up to 100% and all blends.

Futhermore, Zeppini Ecoflex will present it major release, the new Fuel Flex® piping system, with an innovative and outstanding technology in the market, ready to deal effectively with all existing fuels, since the traditional ones such as gasoline, up to the more agressive biofuels, such as Ethanol and Biodiesel.


Between september 14th and 19th, will be held in Frankfurt, Germany, one of the largest international fairs of the automotive market, where over two thousand companies from 57 countries will present their products and solutions.

Organized for the first time in 1971, and about to complete 40 years, Automechanika is a global event held every two years in Frankfurt, Germany, the show also has editions in other 14 countries around the world. This year trade show expects receive over 160 thousand visitors.

The exhibitors will occupy 11 halls of the Frankfurt Exhibition Center, where they will be divided in five categories: Petrol Station Equipments; IT & Management; Repair & Maintance; Parts & Systems; Acessóries & Tuning.

Zeppini Ecoflex is again one of the exhibitors of Automechanika, and you can follow a real time coverage on our social media network:



A Joint Venture between Zeppini and Ecoflex was reported in
the largests and most importants websites of the segment around the

PetrolWorld, PEI and PetrolPlaza informed their readers some details about the Joint Venture agreement signed between Zeppini and Ecoflex.

The news highlighted Zeppini leadership in Latin America, and the fact that after the Joint Venture, they join a group of the four major manufacturers of petrol station equipment in the world.

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