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The use of systems for treatment of oily effluents at petrol stations is an important practice to protect the environment, avoiding contamination of soil and groundwater.

The activity is so important that standards from several countries determine the need to use of an Oil and Water Separator System to release the operating licenses of the establishment.

Zeppini Ecoflex offers one of the most traditional systems on the market for this application. Here are the components that are part of this system and the importance of using them:

– Solids Separation Module (Grating): It will retain larger solids that are mixed to the effluent, such as leaves, plastics and stones. The use of this equipment is important as it will facilitate and reduce considerably the need for maintenance in the other modules of the system.

– Oil and Water Separator Box: The main component of the system, where is performed the oil and water separation. It is important to make sure that is being used a quality and efficient equipment in order to ensure that the performance meets the standards required by the local regulations.

– Flowmeter with Sample Collect Module: Important module that has two functions, one of them is to indicate through a scale in its interior that the system is operating with the flow according its project. The other function is to establish a proper environment for the sample collect that will be sent later to the laboratory for analysis.

– Oil Collect Module: Used at the end of the separation process to store safely the oil from the treatment process, so that it can be disposed later.

Zeppini Ecoflex offers Oil and Water Separator Systems in multiple versions, with treatment capacity of 1.000 liters per hour up to 12.000 liters per hour.

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New Pipe in HDPE Zeppini Ecoflex

A few months after its launch, the Zeppini Ecoflex Fuel Flex ONE Pipe has achieved incredible results, attracting the interest of petrol professionals in Brazil and in many other countries.

The equipment, which is one of the most important offered by the company, has recently gone through an upgrade process and now offers consumers a new standard of security.

During the testing and certification process, the solution performed better than required by the Brazilian standard NBR 14722 and met even the strictest standards established by the EN 14125, such as 0.0% permeability.

The performance of the equipment has been the feature that most attracts attention of consumers and has allowed the company to expand its operations and generate business in countries where it has not yet performed.

The new equipment can be identified easily by the Fuel Flex ONE brand throughout the product body. In addition, Single Wall Pipes have a blue stripe and Double Wall Pipes have two parallel blue stripes.

The new Fuel Flex One Pipes and the other components of the Zeppini Ecoflex Piping System are already available for sales in over than 80 countries where the company operates.


Vapor Recovery - Zeppini Ecoflex

Leader in the development of environmental protection solutions for Petrol Stations, Zeppini Ecoflex presents another great solution for the market, the new Vapor Recovery System – Keeper.

The equipment automatically recovers the vapors contained in the Storage Tank and converts them to liquid again, preventing them from being released into the atmosphere by the vent piping.

Keeper is a stage 1 Vapor Recovery System that has a high level of efficiency, converting up to 90% of the volatile gases generated in the daily activities of the Petrol Station.

The savings for the Petrol Station is relevant, in average, for every 1.000 liters of fuel sold, the equipment will return 1 liter to the tank through the conversion of vapors, which can change according to the weather and the installation characteristics.

The time for the return on investment will vary between 1 and 2 years according to the monthly volume of fuel marketed by the Petrol Station.

According to Solange Zeppini, Marketing Manager of Zeppini Ecoflex, the Keeper offers benefits to society and to the competitiveness of the Petrol Station. “Keeper is a 2 in 1 solution that provides savings for the petrol station, making the business more competitive, and also preserving the environment by reducing vapors emission”.

The Vapor Recovery System is already available for the sales through the several Zeppini Ecoflex channels around the world. Check out more details on the company website:–keeper 

Zeppini Ecoflex Sewage Treatment Station

The treatment of sanitary effluents has always been fundamental to avoid health problems for the population and to guarantee the conservation of the environment. With the technology advances, new solutions ensure more efficiency and several benefits for this process.

The most recent equipment is available in treatment modules that demand less space. In addition, the quality of treatment of some of these systems makes it possible to reuse the effluent in several activities that do not require the use of potable water, thus allowing rational consumption and reducing water costs.

The environmental market counts on several prefabricated solutions that perform the sewage treatment with the option of reuse. Among them, is a highlight the equipment offered by Zeppini Ecoflex, a company that develops environmental protection solutions for petrol stations.

The Zeppini Ecoflex Sewage Treatment Station is comprised by a Treatment Unit, which performs the procedure with a high level of efficiency for later disposal, and by a Reuse Unit, which counts with all the components to perform the water polishing.

Because it is a modular equipment, the installation can be carried out in a much shorter period. In addition, the technologies applied provide robustness and flexibility to treat sewage with different characteristics.

Zeppini Ecoflex offers versions of the Sewage Treatment Station that serve flows of 10 to 80m³ per day. Check out more information about the solution on the company’s website:

Zeppini Ecoflex Tips

The use of environmental protection equipment in petrol stations is fundamental to reduce possible impacts to the environment. In addition, latest technologies have allowed aligning sustainable concepts with resources saving and consequently reduction of expenses.

The Zeppini Ecoflex team has prepared some tips to guide the main practices of a service station for environmental protection:

UST System – Counts with Tank Sump and accessories, which are located in several points of the petrol station installation and are fundamental to contain possible spill and leaks of fuels.

This installation also counts with the Piping System, which is important for the fuel transportation to occur safely in the petrol station environment. The Zeppini Ecoflex offers the Fuel Flex – ONE Piping System, which has 0,0% permeability and connections produced in stainless steel.

Water Resources – Another activity that contributes to make your station more ecologic is the consumption of alternative water sources. In this case, it is possible to adopt equipment for the reuse of the car wash water and for the rainwater harvesting. These technologies allow reducing up to 80% of water consumption.

Energy – In addition to saving water, the petrol station can preserve the environment reducing the energy consumption. One technology that has become popular quickly and today are more affordable are the LED lightings.

Diverse – The petrol station can adopt diverse initiatives such as selective waste collection points, implementation of bicycle area for its employees and the expansion of windows to reduce the need of illumination and air conditioning.

Check more details about these and other solutions that contribute for an ecological environment, in Zeppini Ecoflex channel in the YouTube:

Environment Day

In this Monday, June 5th, connect with the nature!

The theme of the 2017 edition of the World Environment Day, “Connecting people to nature”, invite us to get in touch with the nature, appreciate its beauty, recognize its importance and protect it.

This year campaign stimulate to reflect about our relationship with the environment, in addition to encourage us to visit places where nature is present, take photos and share on the social networks with the #withthenature.

In this edition, Canada was chosen as host country of the campaign. There, parks authorities have already joined the cause and have decided to waive or reduce the entry rates during the date. In Brazil, several parks also will perform a special schedule to celebrate the date. Be sure to check the calendar of events in your city.

The United Nations, organizer of the event, remembers that the World Environment Day began in 1972, and since then people from all over the world have organized groups to do events ranging from cleaning a neighborhood, up to take actions against environmental crimes or reforestation.

In celebration to this date, Zeppini Ecoflex, company that counts with a full range of environmental protection equipment for petrol stations, will publish next Thursday a special article for you that want to adapt your petrol station to the latest environmental practices.

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Zeppini Ecoflex Diesel Filters

Zeppini Ecoflex, a developer of environmental protection solutions for petrol stations, presents a new solution that makes its line even more complete, the Diesel Filters.

The equipment is available in the Line Filter – Rocket, Press Filter – Pro and Press Filter – Super models. All ensure quality during the diesel oil filtration and have greater mechanical resistance, avoiding the loosening of its connections.

The company Press Filters count with innovative design, which occupies a smaller area of installation and provides more space for eventual maintenance of its pump. The Line Filter has traditional design and offer important differentials such as zero energy consumption and low maintenance costs.

Zeppini Ecoflex Filters also have an integrated by-pass system, which ensures the supply without interruption even if an eventual maintenance of the equipment is necessary.

In addition, the equipment has automatic return, which allows the diesel oil accumulated in the filter box to return automatically to the storage tank. This characteristic is optional on the Rocket and Super models and integrated on the Pro model.

According to the Zeppini Ecoflex Marketing Manager, Solange Zeppini, the launch will bring several benefits to consumers: “We are expanding our line to offer more advantages to the consumer, such as better cost-benefit in the acquisition of the full line, centralized sales and after-sales support, unique freight of the complete range, and the Zeppini Ecoflex quality assurance”.

The Rocket Filters have treatment capacity of 800 to 2.000 liters per hour, the Pro Filters have flow capacity from 3.500 to 9.000 liters per hour and the Super Filters from 4.800 to 22.000 liters per hour.

The new Zeppini Ecoflex line of filters is already available for acquisition in over than 80 countries. Learn more details about this equipment at:

LED illumination - Zeppini Ecoflex

The LED illumination is no longer a trend and has become popular quickly due the numerous benefits that it provides to its users.

The technology is considered the most recent in the market and has been used in street lighting in several major cities in the world, such as New Delhi, Los Angeles, New York, São Paulo, Birmingham and Buenos Aires.

One of the most recent examples is the city of New Delhi, second largest city in India, which has one of the largest projects for replacement of conventional lights for LED implemented by the National Street Lighting Program of the Ministry of Energy.

The project includes the installation of more than 75.000 points of LED lighting, focusing on parks and dark spots of the city. With this replacement, the city will reduce the emission of 44.000 tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere per year.

In addition, the project also includes an app where residents can tell the city administration about defects in street lights.

Another highlight in the use of LED luminaires in public lighting is the city of São Paulo, one of the first in Latin America to adopt the technology to illuminate streets and parks of the entire neighborhood of Heliopolis.

Currently, other neighborhoods in the city also uses the technology, are more than 70.000 points of LED lighting. The luminaires have a durability of up to 10 years and save up to 50% of the energy costs.

Zeppini Ecoflex has its LED luminaire model to attend efficiently the petrol station market, with the possibility of up to 70% costs reduction with lighting.

The solution have 100W power, more than 10.000 lumens, that highlight all the details of the station, and high Color Rendering Index (CRI), which ensures greater color fidelity and values the petrol station environment.

For more details about the Zeppini Ecoflex LED Luminaires, access:

Pluvi System - Rainwater Harvesting Zeppini Ecoflex

The rainwater harvesting performed by the Zeppini Ecoflex Pluvi System has stood out in the market of water solutions due the high level of economy that it provides.

The use of the equipment is one of the simplest ways to reduce water costs, since it can be installed easily, without the need for major structural modifications, and allows the use of a large volume of water from an alternative source, thus providing quick return on investment.

The Pluvi System provides a potential saving of up to 80% in water costs, if the place uses the treated water in several non-potable activities. As in watering, washing vehicles, toilets and floor cleaning of the petrol station and convenience store.

To ensure the quality for the water that will be used in these activities, the equipment performs three stages of treatment: Railing to remove larger solids, Filtering to contain smaller particles; and Chlorination to perform a disinfection, eliminating germs and bacteria.

Zeppini Ecoflex offers the rainwater harvesting system in versions Pluvi Junior for places with smaller harvesting area and in version Pluvi Business for places with larger harvesting area and demand of water consumption.

Check more information about the advantages of the Zeppini Ecoflex equipment at the site:

Zeppini Ecoflex equipment

Zeppini Ecoflex, leader in development of environmental protection equipment for petrol station, has its Oil and Water Separator Boxes used in one of the largest petrol stations of Africa.

Located in Johannesburg, in South Africa, the petrol station concentrates in the retail for cars and trucks, in addition to offer several services to its consumers as car wash and a convenience center.

The petrol station counts with two Zeppini Ecoflex Oil and Water Separator Boxes of the model Super-Flow, which ensures the treatment of up to 24.000 liters of oily effluents per hour.

The Oil and Water Separator Boxes are one of the examples of Zeppini Ecoflex products that quickly became popular on the African Continent. The largest local oil companies are already using the solutions.

The Oil and Water Separator Box approval in these companies occurs, mainly, because the solution attends to the strictest standards for oily effluents treatment and offers simplicity in process of installation and maintenance.

Zeppini Ecoflex makes available different models of Oil and Water Separator Boxes to attend several volumes of treatment. Consult our sales team for more details or access: