Zeppini Ecoflex Review

This year, Zeppini Ecoflex presented several news and consolidated itself even further in the development of environmental protection solutions for Petrol Stations.

In the first half of the year, the company presented the new version of the L.E.D. Lighting, which provides economy and better illumination of the Petrol Station, as well as the Fuel Flex ONE Pipes in HDPE, which guarantee a permeability of 0.0% in the fuel conduction.

Then, Zeppini Ecoflex launched solutions to guarantee more quality to the Diesel offered at the Petrol Station, the Rocket, Pro and Super Diesel Filters.

The company’s investments were not finished yet. In the second half of the year, the company also presented to the market the new Vapor Recovery System – Keeper, which reduces the emission of vapors in the atmosphere and guarantees a fast return on investment.

Throughout the year, Zeppini Ecoflex presented these launches at several regional, national and international events. Among them, the main events ExpoPostos and the PEI at the Nacs Show.

Zeppini Ecoflex also invested in trainings about the main installation, operation and maintenance techniques for its equipment. In total, the company trained over 2.000 professionals in the segment.

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Zeppini Ecoflex Ecological Station

With over 70 explanatory videos, the Zeppini Ecoflex channel highlights technologies that prioritize the environmental protection and guarantee high savings potential for Service Stations, through the rational consumption of some resources.

One of the ways of saving highlighted in the channel is the reduction of the water consumption provided by the public network. For this, equipment such as the Pluvi System can be used to do the rainwater harvesting and the Ampere System to reuse water from the car wash.

The combination of the solutions allows the water that will be reused to be in proper conditions, in addition to providing economy that can reach up to 80% of the consumption.

Another possibility for relevant savings for the Petrol Station is in lighting. In this case, the indication is the use of a very popular equipment with technology used in many different regions of the world, the LED Lighting.

The LED Lighting can provides reduction of up to 70% in the costs with illumination, in addition to reduce significantly the need of lamps replacement.

If you want to know other ways to save or protect the environment in the activities of you Petrol Station, visit the Zeppini Ecoflex channel on YouTube:  www.youtube.com/zeppinieng

PEI 2017 Review

Between October 17 and 20, Zeppini Ecoflex participated in the PEI at the Nacs Show 2017, an important event in the sector of equipment and services for Petrol Stations, held in Chicago, United States.

In its 10th consecutive participation in the event, the company managed to keep innovating and surprising visitors with the presentation of several launches.  In total, the company presented 6 new equipment to the international market, such as the great highlights: Vapor Recovery – Keeper, the update of the Piping System in PEAD – Fuel Flex ONE, Electrofusion Entry Boot and the LED Luminaire ZPL-400.

In its 10th consecutive participation in the event, the company managed to keep innovating and surprising visitors with the presentation of several launches. In total, the company presented 6 new equipment to the international market, such as the main highlights: Vapor Recovery – Keeper, update of the HDPE Pipes – Fuel Flex ONE, Electrofusion Entry Boots and L.E.D Light ZPL-400.

In addition to the many news, all visitors who passed by the booth number 4149, where Zeppini Ecoflex presented its solutions, were able to check one of the most traditional and complete UST lines in the market.

The team that was present considered the event a success, with visitors from more than 30 different countries, which may generate new business opportunities for the company.

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Zeppini Ecoflex Thanks

We thank everyone who supported our recent participation in the PEI at the Nacs Show, which took place between October 17 and 20, in Chicago, United States.

Our team continues to receive messages from professionals from many countries praising our participation and to proceed with the issues discussed during the three day event.

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LED Lighting Zeppini Ecoflex at PEI 2017

During PEI 2017, one of the latest Zeppini Ecoflex launches that has been target of many queries is the ZPL-400 L.E.D. luminaire.

The equipment, which was launched earlier this year, is already being used in countries as Jamaica, Panama and Uruguay, and after the first exhibiting at an international event, it will reach other countries.

The team that is on the first days of PEI 2017 at McCormick Place, the Chicago exhibition center, noticed a great interest from the visitors who identified in the Luminaire a product that offers numerous benefits to the Petrol Station, such as business valuation and excellent cost x benefit.

The Zeppini Ecoflex L.E.D. Lighting has more than 10,000 lumens, which provides greater visibility to the Petrol Station, has a high Color Rendering Index (CRI) and provides savings of up to 70% in lighting costs.

Zeppini Ecoflex equipment is available in versions ZPL-400S and ZPL-400L, with only one difference in its frame, one produced in plastic and other in aluminum.

Check more details about the L.E.D. ZPL-400 Lighting with the Zeppini Ecoflex team at the booth 4149 of the PEI 2017 or visit the website: www.zeppini.com.br/site/en/produto/16/luminarias-led

Zeppini Ecoflex Vapor Recovery at PEI

The PEI at the Nacs Show is being stage of an important event for Zeppini Ecoflex. This is the first time that the Vapor Recovery System – Keeper is being presented in an event with global reach.

Launched two months ago, the equipment has received many consults in the Brazilian market and now is already attracting the attention of professionals from different countries at the Zeppini Ecoflex booth at PEI 2017.

According to Marcelo Caio, Marketing Supervisor of the company, the Keeper debut in the global market has been a success. “The equipment acceptance in the market has been incredible, every time that we present its characteristics and the benefits it provides, we gain the consumer interest”.

The new equipment offered by Zeppini Ecoflex transforms the vapors that passes through the vent line in fuel again and has as main characteristics the reduction of emission of vapors in the atmosphere and a great savings for the Petrol Station, thus providing quick return on investment.

In addition to the equipment high level of efficiency, Zeppini Ecoflex also makes available to the interested a complete consultancy about the required structure, installation format and calculation of the time for return on the investment.

To learn more about Zeppini Ecoflex Vapor Recovery System, visit:  www.zeppini.com.br/site/en/produto/83/sistema-recuperador-de-vapores–keeper

Zeppini Ecoflex UST Line at PEI

The visitors of the PEI 2017 will have the opportunity to check closely the Zeppini Ecoflex full range of solutions.

For its 10th participation in the event, the company organized a booth that prioritizes the presentation of equipment that are part of the UST (Underground Storage Tank System), as Sumps,  Storage Tanks, the Fuel Flex – ONE Piping System, and the other accessories used at this point of the installation of a Petrol Station.

The line is organized at the booth in order to highlight each one of the products due the expectations of the company professionals that this will be responsible for the most number of visitors inquiries.

In addition to the UST line, will be highlights at the booth of company the launch Vapor Recovery System – Keeper, Dispenser Accessories, Diesel Filters and the solutions for treatment of effluents as the Oil and Water Separator System and the Water Recycler – Ampere.

In addition to the UST line, the company will be highlighting the recently launched Vapor Recovery System – Keeper, Dispenser Accessories, Diesel Filters and effluent treatment solutions such as the Oil and Water Separator System and the Water Recycler – Ampere.

Visit the Zeppini Ecoflex website and check more details about the company line of products: www.zeppini.com.br/site/en

PEI 2017 tips

Another edition of PEI at the Nacs Show will be held in October, and the 10th Zeppini Ecoflex participation is already confirmed at this international event.

Check out some tips that our team has prepared for you to make the most of the event and also enjoy the city of Chicago


TIP FOR VISIT – Navy Pier:

The Zeppini Ecoflex team recommendation for this year is a visit to one of the most popular touristic points in the city, the centennial Navy Pier, also known as the lake treasure of Chicago.

The place, which was created with the purpose of serving as a pier and for the entertainment of the local population, has evolved over the years and since its reopening in 1995, has received more than 180 million visitors.

At the Navy Pier you can visit several attractions such as a botanical garden, restaurants, shopping center, a giant wheel equivalent to a building with 15 floors, and allow an incredible view of the famous landscape with the huge buildings of Chicago.

Getting to the place is very simple, with easy access by public transport.


TIP FOR THE EVENT – Schedule yourself in advance:

With more than 1.200 exhibiting companies, and more than 60 educational sessions and workshops, it is critical that the PEI at the Nacs Show 2017 visitor to program the visit in advance to make the most of the time in the hall.

To prepare, the visitor can guide by the event official app, which provides the time of all workshops, an interactive floorplan with information of all exhibitors and a calendar that allows scheduling visits to the booths of interest and participation in the educational sessions.

In addition, to guide through the pavilion more easily, the exhibiting companies are separated by products categories, which can be identified by the color of the carpet: Goods, Sweets and Snacks (blue); Equipment and Services for Fuel Stations (red); Technology (gray); Food Services (purple); And New Exhibitors (yellow).

If you need any help to visit the event, consult the Zeppini Ecoflex team.

And stay connected to our social networks to follow the details about PEI at the Nacs Show 2017.

Zeppini Ecoflex in Mexican Newspaper

In the last month, Zeppini Ecoflex was news in another international communication vehicle.

The Mexican newspaper Construtips published an article about the company water solutions, highlighting the Oil and Water Separator System and the Pluvi System for rainwater harvesting.

The article also briefly described the company history and global presence, with products being used by companies in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe.

Check the complete article in the of August 2017 issue: www.construtips.com.mx/content/17/periodico