LED illumination - Zeppini Ecoflex

The LED illumination is no longer a trend and has become popular quickly due the numerous benefits that it provides to its users.

The technology is considered the most recent in the market and has been used in street lighting in several major cities in the world, such as New Delhi, Los Angeles, New York, São Paulo, Birmingham and Buenos Aires.

One of the most recent examples is the city of New Delhi, second largest city in India, which has one of the largest projects for replacement of conventional lights for LED implemented by the National Street Lighting Program of the Ministry of Energy.

The project includes the installation of more than 75.000 points of LED lighting, focusing on parks and dark spots of the city. With this replacement, the city will reduce the emission of 44.000 tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere per year.

In addition, the project also includes an app where residents can tell the city administration about defects in street lights.

Another highlight in the use of LED luminaires in public lighting is the city of São Paulo, one of the first in Latin America to adopt the technology to illuminate streets and parks of the entire neighborhood of Heliopolis.

Currently, other neighborhoods in the city also uses the technology, are more than 70.000 points of LED lighting. The luminaires have a durability of up to 10 years and save up to 50% of the energy costs.

Zeppini Ecoflex has its LED luminaire model to attend efficiently the petrol station market, with the possibility of up to 70% costs reduction with lighting.

The solution have 100W power, more than 10.000 lumens, that highlight all the details of the station, and high Color Rendering Index (CRI), which ensures greater color fidelity and values the petrol station environment.

For more details about the Zeppini Ecoflex LED Luminaires, access:  www.zeppini.com

Pluvi System - Rainwater Harvesting Zeppini Ecoflex

The rainwater harvesting performed by the Zeppini Ecoflex Pluvi System has stood out in the market of water solutions due the high level of economy that it provides.

The use of the equipment is one of the simplest ways to reduce water costs, since it can be installed easily, without the need for major structural modifications, and allows the use of a large volume of water from an alternative source, thus providing quick return on investment.

The Pluvi System provides a potential saving of up to 80% in water costs, if the place uses the treated water in several non-potable activities. As in watering, washing vehicles, toilets and floor cleaning of the petrol station and convenience store.

To ensure the quality for the water that will be used in these activities, the equipment performs three stages of treatment: Railing to remove larger solids, Filtering to contain smaller particles; and Chlorination to perform a disinfection, eliminating germs and bacteria.

Zeppini Ecoflex offers the rainwater harvesting system in versions Pluvi Junior for places with smaller harvesting area and in version Pluvi Business for places with larger harvesting area and demand of water consumption.

Check more information about the advantages of the Zeppini Ecoflex equipment at the site:

Zeppini Ecoflex equipment

Zeppini Ecoflex, leader in development of environmental protection equipment for petrol station, has its Oil and Water Separator Boxes used in one of the largest petrol stations of Africa.

Located in Johannesburg, in South Africa, the petrol station concentrates in the retail for cars and trucks, in addition to offer several services to its consumers as car wash and a convenience center.

The petrol station counts with two Zeppini Ecoflex Oil and Water Separator Boxes of the model Super-Flow, which ensures the treatment of up to 24.000 liters of oily effluents per hour.

The Oil and Water Separator Boxes are one of the examples of Zeppini Ecoflex products that quickly became popular on the African Continent. The largest local oil companies are already using the solutions.

The Oil and Water Separator Box approval in these companies occurs, mainly, because the solution attends to the strictest standards for oily effluents treatment and offers simplicity in process of installation and maintenance.

Zeppini Ecoflex makes available different models of Oil and Water Separator Boxes to attend several volumes of treatment. Consult our sales team for more details or access: www.zeppini.com

Zeppini Ecoflex tips

Monitoring leaks in fuel tanks is essential to ensure more safety in the storage of petroleum products and other fuels, and also to ensure the proper protection of the environment.

The activity is required by the brazilian norms that establishes the obligation of adopt methods to detect leaks in underground storage tank system, avoiding the contamination of underground and surface water bodies, of the soil or the air.

This monitoring occurs in an interstitial space, positioned between the Carbon Steel wall and the extern layer of PRFV of the double wall tank, where it is necessary to install an electronic sensor, which will indicate if the inner wall of the Tank is compromised.

The sensor is connected to a control unity that activates an alarm when there is presence of liquids in the monitoring tube, which crosses the metallic tank, connecting the interstice to the external environment, and whereby the sensor is introduced into the equipment.

In addition, according to regulations, the sensor must have characteristics such as, for example, guarantee 95% probability of precision in the alerts; Reporting faults in its own system; Be compatible with the product stored in the tank; Have enough memory to store 25 events, such as power drop and presence of liquid; Have visual and audible alarms; And many others.

For more information about how to perform the activity, contact our team by the e-mail: contato@zeppini.com.br

Zeppini Ecoflex Trainings in 2016

Leader in the development of environmental protection equipment for petrol stations, Zeppini Ecoflex has held, in the last year, the largest number of technical trainings in its history.

The company’s technical team provided over 40 trainings in Brazil and other countries. Together, all the events had the participation of more than 2.000 professionals of the petrol station market.

According to the company Marketing Manager, Solange Zeppini, the trainings success is the result of a strong investment. “In recent years, we have invested heavily in this service, as we believe it is our responsibility to share all the necessary knowledge for professionals who use our products, whether in Brazil or in other countries.”

The trainings addressed the best installation and maintenance practices of equipment that are used in a petrol station. As for example, components used in Containment and Piping Systems, Accessories, Oil and Water Separators and Water Reuse Systems.

Zeppini Ecoflex makes available in its site a schedule with the trainings that will be held during the year in its headquarter. The company also performs events on demand, if a group of professionals or a company requests the training.

Check out more details about the trainings and do your register for the next event through the site: www.zeppini.com.br/site/en/suporte/treinamentos


Every year, the World Water Day highlights an important aspect about the sustainable consumption of this resource. In this edition, the date has as theme “Wastewater” and approach the importance of the grey water treatment for reuse in daily activities.

The main objective of the campaign is to raise awareness aiming to reduce by half the proportion of untreated wastewater and teach about ways to reuse this resource properly.

The reuse of water after proper treatment allows the water cycle to happen in a less harmful way to the environment. The partner countries of UN-Water, the international agency that promotes World Water Day, will highlight these benefits in different types of activities about the theme.

Like Mexico that will have, between today and tomorrow, the Water Culture Fair, where the participants can learn though interactives modules how to use the effluent properly and also what happens with the water that leaves their houses.

In addition, Peru that will have, today, the Forum “Water Management for Sustainable Development”, which will approach the importance of wastewater management for the sustainable development, highlighting a safe way to not affect human health and management ecosystems.

Other countries as Canada, Italy, United States, India, Pakistan, Switzerland and Egypt also will organize several activities. Check the event website for more details: www.worldwaterday.org/events-map/

Zeppini Ecoflex - Visual Identity

From March, Zeppini Ecoflex will present to the market some interesting news in its visual identity.

Some items such as a new product catalogue, new business cards and other printed materials, new images for use on the website and social networks, among other news are already in the stage of conclusion.

The update in the visual identity count with new colors tones, shapes, and application of transparencies, among others characteristics that ensures sophistication to the items of the company communication.

The first changes are in stage of conclusion and will be presented to the market already in the coming months. Other pieces should be presented to the market throughout the year.

New Fuel Flex ONE line bring to the market the most recent technologies for underground transport of fuels

Fuel Flex ONE Pipe

Zeppini Ecoflex, leader in environmental protection equipment, presents to professionals of the petrol stations market, an important news for piping systems.

From now on, the underground installation for conduct fuels will count with the new Fuel Flex ONE system. The pipes are produced according to the strict European EN standard.

Some of the main characteristics of the new Zeppini Ecoflex HDPE pipes are the transparent intern liner, low rate of permeability and performance superior to the required by the Brazilian local standards.

According to the Marketing manager of the company, Solange Zeppini, the new product was developed to offer more security to petrol stations installations. “We keep our products always updated with the most recent technologies available, so we can offer the most safe solution to our customers present in over than 80 countries where we present”.

The identification of the new pipes will be done with the recording of the Fuel Flex ONE brand on its external wall. In addition, single wall pipes will have a blue stripe and double wall pipes will have two blue stripes along the equipment.

In addition to the HDPE pipes, the company also offers in its piping system, Transitions Fittings produced in stainless steel, ideal material to use in the biofuels conduction, as Diesel S10 and ADBlue/DEF, thus creating the most efficient combination of the market for fuels transportation.

The new equipment is available in diameters ranging from 32mm to 110mm, and reaches the market from the month of March.

Next week, Zeppini Ecoflex will present a special in its social networks with the main characteristics of this new launch. Be sure to check!

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Zeppini Ecoflex LED Lighting- ZPL400S

Zeppini Ecoflex presents to the Petrol Station market a new model of LED Lighting, which will provide more economy and better lighting for service stations.

The ZPL-400S LED Lighting has 100W power and has over than 10,000 lumens, which ensures excellent illumination and provides more visibility to the environment. In addition, the equipment has a high Chromatic Performance Index (CRI), which ensures greater color fidelity and values the environment of the petrol station.

Another important feature of the equipment is the savings potential, which can reach up to 70% of the energy costs, representing a competitive advantage for the business.

For Solange Zeppini, Zeppini Ecoflex marketing manager, the new Lighting is a complete equipment with economy and quality. “We have been working in recent years to develop an equipment with competitive cost without compromising the quality of lighting, thereby helping to promote our customers business and provide the quick return on their investment”.

The Zeppini Ecoflex luminaire is a robust solution that has 3 times longer lifetime than conventional luminaires, and has 5 years warranty against manufacturing defects.

The equipment is already available for sales, for more information visit http://www.zeppini.com.br/LED or contact the Zeppini Ecoflex team.


This was a year of much productivity and dedication at Zeppini Ecoflex. We concluded several projects, we launched important components of our UST line, presented the launch of the year with our Fuel Storage Tank, and took our company to several countries in the world with the participation at the most important events of the international market.

We thank all our partners, employees and suppliers who had been part of our achievements, believing in our work and contributing to it.

We wish to all happy holidays and a new year full of opportunities.