Precaution with the use of B10

In March, a new Brazilian resolution came to effect, the CNPE 23/2017, which approved the addition of 10% of Biodiesel to the Diesel sold to final consumers, one of the actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the country.

With this change, the Petrol Station will have pay attention to some important details, as this new version of Biodiesel can absorb air moisture, which facilitates the formation of residues and the water accumulation in the fuel, especially in regions with lower temperatures or with higher humidity.

To reduce such effects, it is important to clean the Storage Tank prior to the first discharge of the B10 and thereafter every two years, in addition to draining the water and particles weekly, using a drainage pump.

Diesel Filters also need special attention because the conventional filtering elements of the equipment do not retain water. The solution can be the exchange the element for a coalesce model, in this case the life expectancy of the element will be reduced because it will be retaining water and particles.

Another alternative is to integrate a unit with the coalesce filter to the regular particle filter, the first will retain solid elements while the second filter will retain water.

With this change, the tendency is that the Diesel Filters to be produced with a particle filtering unit and coalesce unit.

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