Zeppini S/A and Ecoflex S/A, both manufacturer of Petrol Station Equipments, announce to the market that was concluded a commercial agreement unifying their operations with a creation of a joint venture.

The merge has defined the new brand “Zeppini Ecoflex” as a new identification for all commercial operations for the local and international markets.

The contribution of each company to the joint venture are assets related to the technology, products, logistics and distribution.

The synergy of this union, resulted by a natural solidity and structural dynamism, Zeppini Ecoflex has as a main mission to assist the general plan of growth for the next five years and to face all the new challenges of this market.

From now on Zeppini Ecoflex is going to offer a full range of solutions to the fuel retail business, which enable the company to compete in the market of UST equipments for service stations with a higher performance in the local and international markets.

Zeppini S/A and Ecoflex S/A inform that the Joint Venture operations has started at March 4th 2010 and should be concluded in 90 days.

Zeppini Ecoflex.

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