Zeppini Ecoflex Piping System

The Zeppini Ecoflex HDPE Piping System – Fuel Flex ONE is once again a success during the UnitiExpo 2018. The equipment line was pre-launched during the last edition in 2016 and now is already one of the most consulted solutions at the event.

The success occurs, because, the Pipes of the company were developed with the most recent technologies in the world and certified according to the strict international standard EN.

Among the several tests that the equipment is submitted to obtain the certification, one of the most rigorous is the permeability test, in which it is necessary to ensure 0,0% of permeability of fuel in the equipment wall.

In addition to the HDPE Pipes, the company also presented the other items of its piping line that includes Transition Fittings, which are the only in the market produced in stainless steel, and the Electrofusion Machine, necessary to install the system properly.

Visit the Zeppini Ecoflex website and check more details about the Fuel Flex ONE Piping System: www.zeppini.com.br/site/en/categoria/5/tubos-e-conexoes

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