The company presents the traditional full range of products and important releases for the petrol station market.

Between september 14th and 19th, in Germany, Zeppini Ecoflex will participate in one of the biggest events of the petrol station market; the Automechanika 2010, that will be held in Frankfurt.

Zeppini Ecoflex

This is the first time that the company will show its solutions in an international event after the the joint venture agreement that created the new brand Zeppini Ecoflex, A leader developer and manufacturer of Petrol Station equipments in Latin America, with presence in over 70 countries worldwide.

On its stands, Zeppini Ecoflex will show the unified line of environmental protection equipments for petrol stations, which includes: Piping, Fittings, Tank Sump, Dispenser Sump, Spill Containment, Composite Manholes, Entry Boots, Fill Cap, Flexible Connectors, Oil & Water Separation System, Overfill Prevent Valves, Pressure and Vacuum Vent Valve, Hose holders, Shut-Off Valves, and others. with certifications to attend different markets around the world.

Zeppini is the only manufacturer in the world with 25 years proven experience on handling Biofuels, as Biodiesel and Ethanol up to 100% and all blends.

Futhermore, Zeppini Ecoflex will present it major release, the new Fuel Flex® piping system, with an innovative and outstanding technology in the market, ready to deal effectively with all existing fuels, since the traditional ones such as gasoline, up to the more agressive biofuels, such as Ethanol and Biodiesel.

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